14 things to do this weekend to make you feel Like a Man

Just because you happen to have a penis and some facial hair doesn’t mean you always feel like a man. A lot of guys don’t have very manly jobs or lifestyles. So they find themselves frustrated and may not even know why. Sitting sedentary in a cubicle somewhere while doing a job with numbers or sales doesn’t promote the use of testosterone much. Add not being able to tell someone to “go fuck themselves” who desperately needs that because you have to behave in a professional and neutrally gendered manner can bottle up your manliness almost entirely. Sometimes you need to get out and do something over the weekend that will make you feel like a man.

You may be the dedicated husband/boyfriend and/or dad who spends all his time and money on the loved ones around him. Your woman is too stressed out for sex and you understand. Your kids are in the selfish stage of wanting everything only for them (which can last 20 years) and you’re wanting them to have a good childhood, so you do everything they want just so you can be a good dad. The problem is that you don’t do enough stuff for yourself.

Regardless of how you have put yourself in this manli-less box of daily existence, it’s crucial for you to do some guy things for yourself. Not allowing your mind and body its use of testosterone for extended periods of time is bad. It is ultimately detrimental to being a good man to your family. If you go long enough without doing some of the things you want to do as a man, then your family will lose respect for you.

It’s very important for your family and those you care about to know you are a man. If you don’t show them that enough, then your girl will lose her attraction for you and your kids will stop respecting you. And you don’t want that.


You may have lost yourself by trying to provide for your family but it’s not too late. It’s time to announce to them and yourself that you will be setting some time and money aside for only you. So this weekend, do something manly.

14 Things you can do this Weekend to Feel Like a Man:

1. Go to a sporting event

Most sports games can allow you to release some of that testosterone you’ve had bottled up. There’s competitiveness in the air and physicality displayed on the field. They are easy to find tickets almost any weekend. You can show unnecessary male emotion, go against some males while going along with others, and you can drink beer and say “fuck” way too much.

2. Go to a car show

It doesn’t matter what kind of guy you are. All men have one appreciation or another for cool cars. Car shows display the results of dudes building, improving, designing, fixing, restoring, racing, painting, maintaining, and cleaning beautifully masculine machines. With a car show, you don’t just look at the results of male passion, you also get to talk and listen to other guys talking about one of the most common masculine American activities that there is.

3. Go to a bar and get drunk

I’m not saying that drinking is manly. But in order to loosen up around other dudes so you can talk guy shit more freely, drinking helps a lot.

There is no way to tell how many bars there are in the US, but there is a shit ton of them. It might take a few visits to some different bars before you find the one that suits your need to get away and feel like a man. When you do though, it will be a valuable place for you to share with other guys the plight of the American male.

4. Get and chop wood

I know this is a more specific activity on this list. But if you don’t have a physical job or any other outlet for some aggression, then chopping wood can be a fun release. It can be exhausting and rewarding making firewood as you are outside and are using a very sharp and dangerous blade.

Many years ago, I was on vacation in the North Carolina mountains with my wife’s family. It was too cold outside to do anything, so they all stayed in the cabin without television and had an awful time reverting back to their past family dynamic. My wife, who was a strong and accomplished woman became the unsure little girl she was growing up. It was agonizing for me.

The temperature was cold as hell but there was a huge pile of wood that needed to be chopped. I stayed out there for hours by myself chopping that wood. It was blissful. While everyone in that cabin lost their current identity, I kept my manly sanity by chopping that wood.

5. Change the oil in your car/truck

It’s hard to say whether you, used to change, or has ever changed the oil in your vehicle. We are in a society who has gone from doing all their own maintenance to not doing any. I still change the oil in my old car and older truck but don’t for my new one.

There’s something manly about changing your car’s oil though. It requires at least one tool, some knowledge on how to do it, and a trip to the parts store. It may not feel as manly as it did when you used to give your car a tune-up by changing the spark plugs and maybe the points or the cap and rotor. But to many of us, changing the oil is all there is left to do on newer cars. It feels good when you’re done and start it up for the first time to make sure it doesn’t leak.

6. Get in a fight (not recommended)

Getting into a physical fight is almost always a bad idea. But I must admit, few things will make you feel more manly. There’s something about being willing or able to be physically aggressive with another dude and being good with taking what he gives back that makes a guy feel alive. Bad things can happen though. Really bad things.

I had a guy work with me for 4 years. He used to occasionally go out and get into a fight. For the most part, he wouldn’t get into too much trouble. One time he caught a nasty elbow in the mouth as the guy he was fighting came down on top of him when they went to the ground. Three thousand dollars and a root canal/crown combo later, he was back to normal.

7. Do your sport

It doesn’t matter what sport you’re in, go do it. Sports, whether single or team, will stimulate your testosterone in a couple of ways. Even golf or bowling will stimulate your competitive nature, get you moving some, and maybe get you around some other guys.

8. Have sex

I feel I need to be specific here. When I say have sex, I mean to engage in sexual activity physically in the same place with another consenting human. Masturbation may feel great and be a nice release, but it won’t make you feel like a man very much.

Doing whatever it is that it takes for you to have sex is all a part of it. Many times in a guys life, sex, for one reason or another, becomes so burdensome that we will choose not to do it much. Bullshit! If you are in need of feeling like a man, then do what it takes to make it happen. Especially if YOU are the bottleneck.

9. Work out

If you’re already a gym rat, then do your thing. Some guys don’t get physical much though. If you are one of these, getting out and working some muscles and/or cardio will engage some of that great stuff we all have flowing through our bodies, testosterone. A good solid workout will always make you feel like a man.

10. Build something

You may not be much of a handyman, but I’m sure you can build something in your life. Think about something you’ve been tempted to try to build and construct it. Hopefully, this project will require tools. Building things using tools makes you feel manly.

This weekend, use your hands for something more than just hitting keys and jerking off. Get out your tools or buy the ones you need and build something no female in your life would do.

11. Spend time with one or more of your buddies

One of the coolest things is when I see in a few old guys meeting up. You’ll see them at a breakfast restaurant or coffee shop and you can tell they’ve known each other for years. There’s a bagel shop that I go to write and every Sunday morning, there are five or six guys that meet there. They are retired firefighters and have a great time talking about their lives when they meet up.

It’s important for guys to get together and talk guy shit. This keeps our manhood in check and makes us feel like men when we share the plights of the American male.

12. Shoot a gun

There is a lot of psychology in handling a gun like a man. Weapons represent power, providing, freedom, protection, confidence, and self-reliance. Knowing that you can shoot will give you all those things so if you have guns, go shoot them. And if you don’t have a gun, no worries. You can go to a range and rent one or two to shoot.

I have a few guy friends from yoga that are pretty anti-violence. If you don’t like the idea of shooting a gun, no problem. I get it. If you are in the need to feel like a man though, go shoot a gun or two. It’s not mellow. The noise, power, and danger of shooting will activate some of that testosterone you have.

13. Go fishing

My brother once had one of his employee’s come surf fishing with us years ago. The guy’s name was Guardy and he was only eighteen and had never been fishing before. When he cast out and pulled in a 4 pound bluefish, he was so excited that he punched it when he brought it up to shore. I will never forget the pure and raw masculine emotion he had by catching that first fish.

You may not go fishing to eat or provide food for your family. But the feeling of being able to catch food from nature this weekend will make you feel like and know that you are a man. Of course, connecting yourself with nature in order to make that happen is a giant bonus.

14. Try to pick up a woman

This isn’t for every guy. Some guys are very happy with their woman and I don’t suggest fucking that up. For the other guys though, the process of trying to get a girl to be attracted to you carries with it a package of manly emotions.

Generally, in order for a guy to attract the opposite sex (if that’s what you want), you have to be and act like a man. This takes a variety of masculine characteristics like confidence, focus, assertiveness, and wanting. For many guys, few things make you feel more like a man than doing what it takes to pick up a girl one way or another.

The best part about feeling like a man by trying to pick a girl up is that you don’t even have to be successful at it. Rejection too is a virtue of being a man. Going home without getting any action may suck, but knowing that you tried will still allow you to hold your man head high. You had the balls to try.

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