What really makes a man?

Unfortunately for many, it’s just a penis. For some of us though, being a man is so much more. Basic things like trying to do what you say you are going to do and being confident and stronger define to us what a man is.

What about being a good man? What does that take? A good man could be someone who is more successful, provides well for those he cares about and is dependable when he is really needed. A good man is reliable and contributes to causes important to him.

Now, how about a great man? What is that? More importantly, how does a man become great? How does a man learn to accomplish big things, become aware of the world around him, and set examples for others that make him great in the eyes of his peers?

The truth is males don’t become men, good men, or even great men just by growing up and going through the motions of life. They learn to be men from the challenging events of life, having the courage and will to explore, and most importantly, they want to become a better man.

This website is dedicated to helping men to learn to be men. And if you are already a man, to become a better man. So let’s celebrate being a man by exploring and defining what it takes. Throw out your chest and lower your brow. The world is yours!

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