The Masturbation Fast

Thirty years ago, I read a study that said ninety-nine percent of men masturbate while just sixty percent of women do. Now thirty years ago, things were much simpler, especially statistics. When researching this topic, I found that a couple of studies show that now only about sixty percent of men do the solitary deed and only about thirty-eight percent of women do it.

I’m sorry, but I’m gonna have to call “bullshit” on this. The conclusions reached from these studies are grossly inaccurate and I’m not sure why. I mean, most of the guys who are saying that they don’t masturbate are just simply fucking lying. Why they are lying is curious to me, because why would people choose to keep their jerking off status private while they are posting every little nuance of their lives on social media?


Masturbation is alive and well and just as widespread as it was decades ago. These new studies suggest that the number of people who masturbate dropped at least thirty percentage points from several years ago. How could that be? What has happened in our society that would reduce this number so drastically?

Changes in Society

Changes in society that would reduce the participation rate for masturbation (or anything sex-related) would be things like increased religion, increased health issues, and/or increased sexual activity. There has been no increase in religion’s demand on abstinence of masturbation. If anything, religion’s influence on sexuality has decreased over the years as many have accepted a greater spectrum of sexuality.

This to me doesn’t matter much anyway because even if one’s religion forbids them to masturbate, guys will do it anyway in sin. They may not admit it to anyone, but they will rub one off when they can. Very, very few people can be brainwashed enough to refuse the natural process of self-release.

With our civilization still being in an information age, we will change our habits based on new studies. Example: Over the years I have stopped, started, stopped again, and re-started drinking milk only based on studies from the establishment. There have been no newly discovered health issues with masturbation. No studies are suggesting that a man will be sicker, have a greater likelihood for disease, or die sooner if they jerk off.

The Internet

I can’t overstate the usage of the internet. Billions of people visit billions of websites trillions of times making internet traffic mind-bogglingly frequent and widespread. It would be impossible to obtain the real numbers, but a common statistic is that pornography makes up seventy-plus percent of all internet traffic. Any unskewed statistics on how many people look at porn on the web are staggeringly widespread and frequent. So let me ask you this then. How often do you look at porn and it not be connected with you masturbating? Yea, nobody watches porn for the story plot.

How then has the rate of masturbation decreased even with the invention of the internet with accessible free pornography to almost everyone? If anything, more people masturbate because of this.

Let me just conclude then that almost all males and most women masturbate. Period. These new studies saying that only sixty percent of men jerk off are just utter bullshit! And we all should know this based on our own lives and the people we know.


Let’s be honest here. Most of us guys have had periods where we have jerked off too much. This resulted in things like physically damaging our penis, a severe reduction in our live’s productivity, and losing our interest or want in pursuing sex with another actual human being. I have personally been affected by too much porn in all three ways.


Physically damaged penis – If you have caused a skin issue with your member from pulling on it too much, that’s not the worse thing but it’s not good. Guys will know why it happened and most will do what it takes to heal it. I don’t need to express how important it is to have a good healthy working penis. Open sores or lesions can be problematic in many ways.


Spending too much time masturbating – When internet porn first came about, it was a different experience then. First off, there were only dial-up connections and they were really slow, especially when loading pictures. There were no thumbnails so you would pick a picture only based on its description and then wait for it to load. As the picture was loading from top to bottom, you would begin to make it out and then decide whether it was spank worthy and then either let it continue to load or back out and find another pic.

Finding the right porn still shots for your mental sexual stimulation was super time-consuming. Hours went by like minutes, so five hours later, you might finally be done with it. The early days of internet porn were so exciting as all we had before that was maybe some Playboys or a porn video we could only buy at a sketchy and sticky adult store.

In today’s internet porn experience, we can find what we are looking for much faster. And there is more variation too, so if you have a fetish, you can go to fatchicksfootjobs.com or something and see specifically what you need to “get-r-done” for yourself.

Even though the internet porn experience is quite a bit more efficient than before, guys will still spend hours and hours looking at it. This can be a problem as most of us have shit to do. In reality, some guys may qualify for the ten thousand hour rule for porn viewing. And that’s probably not a good thing.


It’s affecting your actual sex life – This can be a serious thing. Porn uses good looking, well-endowed performers with good lighting and ideal camera angles. It can be hard to want to have sex with your overweight wife after seeing all the beautiful female bodies in pornos.

Worse than losing some attraction for your woman is what porn can do to your own self-image. Porn has well-hung guys with washboard stomachs which will make you feel sexually unattractive and that sucks. You may have a tough time getting or keeping an erection knowing that your body isn’t ideal. And this comes from watching porn as our minds will begin to associate her desire or pleasure based on a great body or giant penis. Not good and not true.

Pornography also displays perfect performances. The guys are easily getting hard, maintaining their erections, and performing with it for as long as they want and seemingly giving their partners extreme pleasure. Everyone is confidently giving and receiving oral sex perfectly and all the transitions go smoothly. This is not an accurate depiction of real sex, but it can set our expectations way too high. And these high expectations can ruin our desire to have sex as we know we can’t live up to them, or our partners can’t or won’t want to.


The first time I had heard of this was years ago while listening to the Howard Stern show. He was interviewing some famous rock band and the lead singer said he had gone like two years without having any sex OR masturbating. I thought “what’s wrong with this guy? Why would anyone decide to not have sex, especially a rock star”. He went on the explain how sex was consuming him and by removing it all from his life for a period, he was able to re-focus on his art and things that mattered to him.

His explanation made sense to me but I still thought he was crazy. I mean, why give up some of the best sex years of your life? Now that I am older and have been through more, I understand what can bring a man to make such a big decision as eliminating sex and jerking off for a long period of time. When you begin to recognize that the thing you want the most is consuming too much of who you are, you can try to reduce its control over you. For some, total exclusion is the only way.

Many alcoholics and drug addicts have no choice but to choose total abstinence. Their addiction ruins their lives, so they have to completely stop doing what they love the most. For some guys, masturbation can have the same negative impact on life.


As I said earlier, all guys jerk off. And we do it often. There is no accurate statistic on this but most guys self release daily and often will do it more than once if they can. As men get older, the majority of them “rub one off” less frequently. Some say this happens from a reduction of testosterone. I think some guys have less interest in it because they don’t get laid as much as they did and they are bored with only having sex with their wives. It happens.

Guys will go a few days without masturbating when they have injured their member, are sick, are on vacation, or go somewhere where they don’t have enough privacy to do it. Then when life goes back to normal, we pick it right back up.

A guy may choose to go a few days without “spanking his monkey” because he is about to take a weekend getaway with someone new or even his wife and he wants to be mentally full of anticipation for the sex he will have.

Guys training for a sporting event that they are participating in will go without sex and masturbation because they think it will improve their performance. Others abstain for periods for religious purposes or a pilgrimage.

And then some guys just want to take a little break from all the madness of watching porn and being consumed by having orgasms all the time. It can be nice to take some of the importance of ejaculation out of everyday life and wait until say the weekend or something to do it. The anticipation can be fun even though It’s just you and no actual female is going to be involved.

Personally, in all the years since I first discovered masturbating, the most I have gone is maybe seven days in a row without doing it. And that was because I was doing an out of town construction job and I couldn’t.


The above examples of why guys go periods without jerking off are normal. Why someone would do an actual masturbation fast is quite different. First off, a fast is a longer period of time. For one reason or another, dudes will go without “pulling their puds” for a month, a season, or even a year.

A fast has to be long enough to accomplish a result.

Men who are doing a fast, want the consumption of sex out of their heads. They have to go a nice long time without it. So they can learn to get out of the habit of thinking about sex and the release all the time.

It wasn’t too many years ago that the average male lived in a small town, so he had only a couple choices for a partner. And he had almost no access to any pornography. With few female sex options and no porn, a man’s mind can’t get too consumed with sex and masturbation. There simply isn’t enough sex entering his head for the addiction. There would be no need for him to fast from masturbation as he wasn’t consumed by it.

Today’s male has many more options for actual sex partners as there are more people and online dating. And he has an incredible amount of free access to porn. If a guy wants to continuously have porn running in his vision, he can as it’s on his phone, laptop, tablet, desktop, and TV. It’s really disturbing when you think about how much access there is.

It’s no wonder more and more guys are choosing a masturbation fast. The presence of all this mind-numbing porn and potential partners has got to be affecting many men and their lives. How many things are guys not doing in their lives because of this?

It may be a really good thing to stop masturbating for a while. It could bring you back to the things in life that are real and truly important to you like success, accomplishment, and a real relationship with a real woman.


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