Top 10 Categories of Men – Part 1

What Kind of Man Are You Really?

We interact with many types of men during the course of our daily lives, whether at work, play, shopping, dining or anything else we regularly do out there in society. We’ve all grown up with a different set of belief systems and have evolved into the men we are because of what we’ve experienced along the journey. Essentially, we are the products of our environment. What does all that mean? Well, it means there are many categories of men walking around out there. Tons of categories to be exact! This article will try to differentiate some of those personalities, whether subtle or extreme. It’s important to remember that we don’t have all the answers here. We’re just calling them as we see them. Additionally, this is only Part 1 in an ongoing series. So if you don’t see your specific personality mentioned here, stay tuned, we’ll expand on this list further at a later date.

So, what type of man are you?

Tough Men: There are many different definitions for a tough man. Some men are tough in the physical sense in that nothing seems to physically hurt them. They seem immune to physical pain. On the other hand, some men are tough emotionally and would never think to cry or show their inner feelings. A tough man could be a guy who doesn’t take shit from anyone and is not afraid to fight or step into a confrontation to defend someone. A tough man could be someone who has seen and been through a lot of adversity in their life and are still standing tall because of it.

Tough Men Stereotypes: Biker, farmer, construction worker, MMA fighter, gang banger, football player, mafia member, steelworker, lumberjack, cowboy.

2. Meek Men: A man who is meek does not necessarily translate to a man who is weak. Perhaps men who are meek are mama’s boys. Maybe they were bullied when they were kids. Maybe they are just born sissies. It’s possible however that men who we would consider meek are none of the above. Maybe they’re scholastically inclined and consider themselves bookworms. Perhaps there are men who are cuckolded by their domineering women and are not only meek, they’re also weak. A meek man could be someone who’s afraid to rock the boat and never likes to speak up. Could they be spiritual individuals that walk in the spirit, pure of heart and kind to the stranger?

Meek Men Stereotypes: Preacher, bookworm, librarian, interior designer, funeral director, fashion designer, writer, poet, philosopher.

3. Childish Men: We’ve all come in contact with the childish man. Someone you would swear was a child in a man’s body. You know the type, they always have to have it their way and need to have the last word in a conversation. They are quick to show their temper and pout when things don’t go their way. They don’t like it when another man corrects them. They especially don’t like it if it’s a woman doing the correcting, that really sticks in their craw. A childish man can be a buzz-kill while spending a good time with friends just by their, well, childish behavior, and putting everyone in an uncomfortable situation.

Childish Men Stereotypes: Filthy rich man, rent-a-cop, tax collector, banker, policeman, lawyer gate-keeper, mama’s boy.

4. Gentleman: When I think of a gentleman, I always think of James Bond. Yes, we know he’s good looking, debonair, and a smooth operator, but there’s an air about him that reeks of being the consummate gentleman too. Even in this day of equal rights between men and women, there’s still room for a gentleman. A gentleman gives up his seat to a woman with a baby, or an older man or woman who appears frail. A gentleman still opens the door for someone, allowing them to enter or exit before them. Gentleman still walk around and open car doors too. Gentleman, as Bob Seger once said, “are the perfect lodger, the perfect guest.” You don’t have to be rich, a good looking hunk, an athlete or any of the James Bond stereotypes to be a gentleman. You just have to be kind, considerate and think of others first.

Gentleman Stereotypes: English royalty, high-end restaurant maitre d’, butler, cruise ship captain, personal concierge and James Bond, of course!

5. Slob Men: Now here’s a category we find no shortage of men to fit into. Why or how does a man become a slob during his lifetime? Was he brought up that way in a home that had slob parents? Or did he become that way as the years went by, letting life grind away at his self esteem. Not caring about his appearance or  his surroundings. You can usually tell a man who is a slob pretty quickly by the tell tail signs. Stains on their shirts, unkempt hair, unshaven face, unbrushed teeth, too much hair in their ears and noses, overweight, ill-fitting clothes, a shitty car full of fast food containers and other useless junk, and sometimes even an unwelcome odor about them. It’s too bad too because I’ve know some slobs who are great people and have great personalities but because they are generally slobbish, I chose not to hang out with them. It’s a major turn off, especially for a woman.

Slob Men Stereotypes: Gamers, programmers, nerds, artists, hackers, movie theater workers, plumbers, gas station booth attendants, comic book store owners, pizza delivery dudes.

6. Lazy Men: There are many similarities between slob men and lazy men. However, I would argue that you can be a slob and be super motivated, driven and full of energy. So too, it can be argued that you can be a lazy man but are clean, well kept and organized. A lazy man usually wants to take the easy path in life. A lazy man wants to be successful but doesn’t want to do what it takes to achieve that success. For instance, instead of enrolling in an accredited college, paying the price and obtaining a degree though hard work and study, the lazy man will take some online courses, sitting in the comfort of their home and obtain a non-accredited sham degree instead of the real deal. A lazy man won’t park his car in the back of the grocery store parking lot because the front spots are all taken. Nope, he’ll park is ride right up front in the fire lane, not caring one bit who he inconveniences. He’ll also leave the shopping cart next to another car, creating a hazard for both an arriving store patron looking for a parking spot and inconveniencing or damaging someone’s already parked vehicle. A lazy man won’t wait to toss their fast food packaging into a trash bin, they’ll just toss it out the window and let someone else worry about it. I could go on and on in this category, because there really are a lot of lazy men out there.

Lazy Men Stereotypes: Unemployed, taxi driver, food stamp collector, panhandlers, unmarried but has six children from three different wives, freeloader, drug dealer, used car salesman, thief.

7. Good Natured Men: We all have a friend who we love to be around. Someone we always make sure to pick up the phone when they call or at least get back to them in a timely manner. These are guys you just can’t help but like. They are usually funny, comfortable to be around, helpful and always there when you need something. A good-natured man is perhaps the person you want to be, but aren’t, yet, and you know by associating with them, you can learn how to evolve into that kind of man. A good-natured man is always willing to help, show you the way, be there in a pinch no matter how difficult the situation is. They are steady, solid and dependable in most cases. A good-natured many usually have good-natured women around in abundance. So if that’s what you’re looking for, you better get natured in a good way, fast!

Good Natured Men Stereotypes: Professional golfer, bartender, preacher, surfer, writer, micro-brewer, street performer, artist, grandpa.

8. Mean Spirited Men: These are men you don’t want to be around. They have no sense of self-worth, let alone worth for their fellow man or woman. They will kill animals for sport. We’re not talking deer hunting here, we’re talking cats and dogs, and any other unfortunate creatures that venture across their path. They’re usually heavy drinkers too. Maybe they grew up in a house where they were mistreated as a child and never learned to deal with it. Instead, it became the norm for them to continually express their anger through sick and sadistic traditions, perhaps even ones they may have been subjected to as a child. Mean spirited men are women abusers both physically and sexually. They’re a powder keg waiting to explode. They’re easily agitated and will pick a fight in a heartbeat. Mean spirited men are generally bullies. They’re loners or hang out with other men of the same ilk.

Mean Spirited Men Stereotypes: Butcher, biker, cowboy, cockfighter, pit bull owner/fighter, loner, human trafficker, pimp, gang banger, thief, chop shop owner, drug runner, loan shark, bookie.

9. Country Men: These men don’t live in a specific country of the world. No, these men live in a specific country region. That is to say, they live in or love the country. Countrymen love the land and enjoy nature in all its glorious beauty. Countrymen come in all forms. Most though are thoughtful, hardworking, peaceful men who are gentle and tough at the same time. They are patriotic men who stand up and place their had over their heart or remove their hat for the pledge of allegiance. They don’t care for the city or the urban way of life. They opt for a more simple way of living. Having some land to spread out and not be on top of their neighbors. Some countrymen like working the land, while others just work and enjoy the land for what it is. Countrymen usually like to be outside, they like their space and enjoy getting back to nature. Countrymen are smart, educated, and ingenious. Much of their education didn’t come from a book, it came from experience or tutelage from their parents, aunts, uncles and extended country family and friends.

Country Men Stereotypes: Farmer, singer-songwriter, roughneck, trucker, hippie, lumberjack, crop duster, forest ranger, hunter, game warden, survivalist.

10. Western Men: This is a category that closely resembles countrymen. There truly are many similar characteristics. What separates western men from countrymen is this. Countrymen, generally speaking, can live anywhere in the United States, in a rural area. Western men, on the other hand, live in a specific geographic location within the United States. For this category, I refer to any men living in a rural area within the western states of Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Oklahoma. Western men are a tough breed and encompass many different personalities. They are rugged and tough individuals who are no strangers to adversity.

Western Men Stereotypes: Cowboy, rancher, oilman, trucker, cattlemen, lumberjack, rodeo rider, mountain man, survivalist, excavator, firefighter, bush pilot, log cabin builder, farmer, Marlboro man.

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