Six Realistic Things To Help You Survive the End of the World

Considering that the world as we know it will end soon has become a common thought. I believe the threat of every civilization ending has always been imagined. Many often view earlier cultures and societies as simpler and less intellectually engaging due to their absence of discovery, but not I. I believe the intellectual capacity of man has not increased. It may have switched from single-purposed focus and environmentally connected consciousness to the multi-considering, over-communicated, and over-optioned social collective swirl we now subject our brains with.

Trading our brain’s capacity for extreme focus and inherent connection for the ability to multi-task with a large external knowledge base is an intellectual side move at best. Regardless of how we use our brain, social humans always consider the end of its civilization. And now, as some view us in the advanced stage of the information age, it appears more important than ever to give thought to the world ending and how to maybe survive it.

6 things that may help you survive the end of the world as we know it:


In researching what advice is available on the internet, I noticed that most sites only describe what you can do to prepare for Armageddon in terms of the products you might need to survive. Some give very specific instruction on what you should do, where you should go, or if you should stay where you are. These things are all good in theory. It may be great to have that fancy water purifier, a thousand M.R.E.s, and an arsenal of doomsday ready weaponry.

There is a lot more though to think about than what you should buy. It may be crucial to have thought out what mentality you may need in order to survive. More than likely, dealing with other human survivors will be the greatest danger. People might be generally caring and non-violent when their bellies are full of food and their minds are filled with hope. The human is a completely different animal though when these things are empty. In truth, no one knows how extreme desperation will cause them to act. Most of us will cower and die while some will do what it takes to survive.

It may be worth it to think about what you might be willing to do to survive and what you are absolutely not going to do. Thinking about what kind of “you” may be needed in order to make it through can help you be more prepared to do (or not do) what needs to be done. Working these boundaries out in your head well beforehand will help guide you and keep you calmer during this very challenging time.

2. Be in good physical condition

We can reasonably expect that when the world ends, we won’t have had the luxuries and conveniences that we rely on in our everyday lives. It’s highly doubtful that we’ll be able to use Amazon prime to get that walkie talkie set or that the store will be open with Fiji water to sell. Odds are, your car won’t be usable as gas will most likely not be available and the roads will be too dangerous to drive.

In short, the world as you know it will become a very physical one. You’ll have to walk, run, hide, fight, build, and maintain all things with your hands and back. And you may have to sleep in uncomfortable places like the ground. That fancy and elegant Tempur-Pedic mattress with the cooling gel that you paid 5k for may no longer be available to sleep on. This could be bad if you have a weak back.

The people with strong, agile bodies are much more likely to survive the end of civilization than that cream puff body you spent ten years eating whatever you wanted and doing nothing physical to make.

3. Know some basic survival techniques

When the end comes, you can expect that nothing will work, nothing will be open, no communication will be available, and (brace yourself) your phone won’t work. That’s right. Your phone won’t work maybe ever again. Please take a moment and let that sink in. Life without a phone. Not just a dropped call or being in a bad spot for a couple minutes where you don’t have data. I’m talking about that thing becoming as worthless to you as a pair of shoes that are three sizes too small.

No one else’s phone will work either so there will be no one to lean on for any communication or information. How fucked will we all be when our phones stop working? Yea, you’re gonna have to know how to do some shit.

There are about a hundred good survival skills that you could learn. if you think the world is close to the end, then learning as many of them as you can will help. But how much time, money, and energy should you spend preparing for this? I mean, it’s not over yet and the worse may not happen for a really long time.

Regardless, getting some camping gear and going camping will give you at least a taste of what you may want to learn in terms of survival techniques. And I’m not sure staying in a motor home at a fancy campground with hook-ups qualifies. Instead, make it an adventure by sleeping in a tent and not using electricity for a weekend out in the woods somewhere.

4. Have guns and know how to use them

As a dude who has been doing yoga for almost 20 years, I know more than a few guys who don’t believe in having guns. Even though I don’t share in their view, I must admit that not having guns has worked out well in most of their lives. We live in a society (here in America) where violence is not at all tolerated. If you disagree, then go get yourself two battery convictions and see how much time you spend in jail.

There can be little difference between the gun owner and the tree hugger in our everyday society, but during a post-apocalyptic era, having the thing Sam Colton made to make all men equal will be a huge advantage. Let’s just say that life is going to go from “abundance” to “scarcity” and all people will be fighting for any available resources.

When the world goes to shit, there will be those who have and those who don’t have. If you are lucky or prepared enough to be a “have”, you’ll quickly become a “have not” without an ability to defend yourself and your stuff. Clever and convincing words may work well when you are backed by legislation and 9-1-1 still works. But to a starving post-apocalyptic marauder, your verbal threats will only bring about laughter as he “jacks you for your grip” with a shotgun.

For me, guns are maybe the most important tool you can have for surviving. It’s right up there with a knife and a lighter. Which firepower you decide is best is up to you as there are a few schools of thought on this.

5. Have a plan

In truth, it’s impossible for anyone to know exactly how the world will end. Or, what kind of impact it will have on any particular country, state, city, town, or street. It can be quite mind-boggling to think of all the possibilities. Even still, it’s much better to have something planned out at least in your head for the end of days. Just considering what you will have to do may be the difference between survival and giving up.

Some doomsday preppers have been planning to the Nth degree. They have stocked cabins in the woods 300 miles from any city, ready to go, non-electronic transportation to get there, bug-out plans with meet-up spots and times for their loved ones. Every contingency has been considered to carry this out quickly and effectively. You may only need to have a small plan worked out in your head, but even that may make a huge difference in the end.

6. Have something to offer

The beginning of the end of the world may require moving lightly and quickly with as few people as possible in order to survive. If you make it through the extreme “dog eat dog” early stage of the apocalypse, chances are later on, people will start to have to depend on each other to make it. Groups will form in order to better provide food, shelter, and protection for all as a new civilization begins to form. At this stage, daily survival will still be paramount. Groups of people will be super selective on who can join them.

The dangers of anarchy will continue to be present for many years. It will be quite a while before anyone can enjoy the indulgence of some form of Obama type of socialism. What this means is that no community will be able to carry anyone. Each person will have to do his share and offer something of value to the survival of the group.

Being useful in some way will guarantee you a safe position. Some skills may include growing, making or getting food, medical knowledge, construction experience, defense, organizational or leadership skills, etc. It’s hard to say what will be needed. Anything you learn to offer a surviving group may get you in.


I must admit that when I was a kid, I used to fantasize about the end of the world. There was a romance to having to think and do only for the survival of the day. It is an antiestablishmentarian’s wet dream to watch his civilization re-set back to a simpler animal existence. Anger brought on by widespread injustice, corruption, and control will make one want to watch it all go away like Tool’s song AEnema.

Personally, I no longer want to see our civilization reset. Now that I am older, the romance of destruction is outweighed by all it’s agony, death, and despair. Although I am in some major disagreement with the way things are going, I’d prefer the world as we know it to not end harshly. But if it does, you can best believe it is my plan to survive by doing whatever it takes.


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