Get Philosophical. Open Up a New Level of Enlightenment.

So you have this woman you are smitten with and you have already had a few dates that have turned out to be stimulating and fun for both of you. You enjoyed the general discussions couples commonly have as they get to know each other; what foods you like, what type of movies you enjoy, cars, workout routines, fashion, politics and perhaps even religious backgrounds. All of these contribute to a kind of compatibility alchemy that will let you know if you’re meant for each other or just passing time while searching for brains as well as beauty.

What if you find her visually appealing and fun to be around and want to take this relationship to the next level intellectually? There are many ways to determine the depth of a women’s intellect. However, just because she may hold a Master’s degree in business, doesn’t always equate to being intellectually agile. She could turn out to be dumber than a bag of hammers but be great at constructing spread sheets. So for me, the following intelligence seeking technique is one that works every time.

First, pick a few subjects which you have always found appealing but also know a lot about. Not sure your prospective soul-mate will find them intellectually stimulating? Well, that’s even better. You’ll be able to see how she does on the fly with a whole host of subject matter. There’s no time like the present so toss her that obscure topic and see what happens.

For example, let’s say you are a huge fan of Star Trek or Star Wars, either one will do for this exercise. Those are great iconic TV shows and movie franchises, but beyond them, the nuts and bolts scenarios of how the universe works on a humanistic and theoretical level are played out. Let’s assume your gal likes one of these storylines too. It’s time then to go beyond the shallow – the directors, stars, scripts and plot lines – and delve into the deeply unknown aspects behind the productions. Ask her how she feels about consciousness in the universe. Perhaps you start a discussion about the possibility of an omnipotent and intelligent entity that created the universe or is manipulating space-time and we are all just part of a grander plan. Inquire about her thoughts on the multi-verse theory – a theory that there are multiple universes and not just one. Ask her what she thinks about Earth being visited by extraterrestrials – are we, and if so, why would they be visiting us? Perhaps we are living in a simulation – a “Matrix-like” computer program. If so, what are her opinions on that?

In a fairly short amount of time you will be able to ascertain how deep her thinking process goes. If she giggles or or gives you a blank stare at everything you present to her, that will tell you three things about her intellect right off the bat.

1. She is smart, but does not respect your intellect or taste in subject matter and is starting to see you as weird.

2. She is not smart, does not understand or care about the subject matter, and is starting to see you as weird.

3. She does not even think about the first two, she just sees you as really weird now.

But alas, what if she engages you and presents philosophical postulations of her own, building on yours, which blows your mind? Well then, you may have struck gold! Keep up the discussions in subsequent dates on any number of subjects. The discussions will build on each other and open up doorways to deeper discussions you never would have imagined. In fact, once you determine that she is as smart as she is beautiful, let her lead the discussions or prompt her to open up on topics she wonders about or has strong opinions on. You will find that these deep discussions on more intellectual subjects will start to build a bond between the two of you that will cement the foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.

Will you find your soul-mate? Who knows, but I do know this; women love to be engaged in stimulating conversations with a man they are interested in. Even better, women love it when men genuinely listen to them. So go ahead, take a chance, throw out that deep topic, whatever it might be, and engage her. If you are lucky, and you really connect, it will open up a whole new level of enlightenment.

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