Month: October 2018

Who played the best James Bond?

This will be an age-old question among 007 lovers for many years to come. Currently, there are 26 Bond movies using 7 different James Bonds over a stunning 55 …

Manly guide to texting

For many now, texting is their primary form of communication. No one under the age of forty wants to talk on the phone anymore. I know that I don’t. …

Viagra vs Levitra vs Cialis

VIAGRA, LEVITRA, CIALIS- WHICH IS BETTER? I’m going to assume that you already know what these pills are, and what they do. This article isn’t to create a competition …

How to Shake Hands like a Man

There are cultures in this world where men don’t shake hands. This article is based on me being an American male living in America. In the US, we shake …

Learning how to say “no”

Some years back, I was out with my older brother and one of his daughters. We came across a vending machine, and his little girl wanted a Pepsi. After …

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