16 Famous Men That Other Men Want To Be

16 men other men want to be like

There is a difference between being envious and being jealous. One is OK to be and one isn’t. One you can admit being and the other you can’t. Regardless of which one you are, it’s natural for a guy to want to be like other guys who are doing well in life. Here are 16 famous men that other men want to be.

Most of the men on this list are rich, famous, accomplished, and attractive to beautiful women. This list is in no particular order.

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Men want to be like Leonardo Decaprio

This guy seemingly has it all. Looks, fame, money, talent, and a long list of acquisition of relationships with stunningly beautiful women. It’s hard not to want to be like Leo, except I can do without his long annoying speeches about climate change. I’m sure they help to get him laid though, so it’s OK.

Tom Brady 

Men want to be like Tom Brady

More than half of all NFL fans DON’T want to be Tom Brady. But you have to admit though, that he is probably a GOAT (greatest of all time). Before he’s done, he may hold all the major quarterback records and do so as the oldest active player in his position.

Don’t forget too that Tommy is married to a supermodel, which I’m sure doesn’t suck. No pun intended. 

Bill Gates 

Men want to be like Bill Gates

OK, so Bill isn’t the best looking guy and prefers taking baths instead of showers so he can multi-task. But, the guy is a billionaire. 110 Billion at last count. He is the father of computing and continues to be relevant in an extremely fast-paced industry. Gates is the centerpiece of many geeks’ shrines as he is worshiped by millions.

Wilt Chamberlain 

Men want to be like Wilt Chamberlain

Even though “Wilt the Stilt’s” days are behind him, he is remembered well for two things. One is he was the best basketball player of his time with a ton of records including scoring 100 points in a single game. The other thing Chamberlain is known for is his claim of having sex with twenty thousand women. Shit, that’s a lot of talking.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Men want to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger

With an early career of bodybuilding that was so impactful that it put the sport on the map, and then a decades-long action hero acting career, Arnold has been the envy of manly men since the seventies. Plus, with a successful political career, you can easily say that the “Governator” has always been a badass man to look up to.

Adam Levine 

Men want to be like Adam Levine

“Rock Star” may be a bit of a stretch but with his incredibly unfair good looks, chiseled and tatted body, mastered guitar playing, and well above average vocals, Adam Levine is a power-house of a man. Add being married to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo and you got a high level of dude envy.

Jack Nicholson

Men want to be like Jack Nicholson

Jack is an old man now, but wow, what a life. There are a lot of reasons a guy would want to be like Jack. He is maybe the greatest manly actor that there ever was, has had his share of women, and got to watch the Lakers courtside during their good years. What I am most envious of Nicolson is his attitude. He does things how HE wants to. He expresses the freedom of being his own man. That is rare.

David Beckham 

Men want to be like David Beckham

If you’re not a fan of European football, you might think that Beckham was better than he really was. And although he was a really good soccer player, he is more than likely a household name because he is a good looking guy with the hot and one-time famous pop star wife, Victoria Adams (Posh Spice). So, if you long to be a super good looking, rich, famous, sports star with a hot wife, then yea, David Beckham is at the top of the list.

Richard Branson 

Men want to be like Richard Branson

Sir Richard the billionaire has done so much cool shit, it’s hard not to want to be like him. Most people know him from his Virgin airlines, Virgin music company, and his notion to provide space travel for tourists. If you read about him, you’ll see that he has done and is doing a ton of really interesting stuff. 

Derek Jeter 

Men want to be like Derek Jeter

Certainly, Derek Jeter is one of the greatest baseball players ever. And he was a New York Yankee from the start of his career to the end, which is rare. But he is envied beyond this because he is a really good looking guy with an equally impressive dating career. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be a good looking superstar Yankee living in Manhattan. Crazy. 

Michael Jordan 

Men want to be like Michael Jordan

Men have wanted to be like Mike for decades now. Even if you don’t think he was the greatest basketball player of all time, you still have to compare whoever you think it is to him. And it is undeniable that he is the GOAT for product endorsement. I mean, the guy hasn’t played in the NBA for more than fifteen years and his Air Jordan sneakers are still selling millions of pairs a year.

Tony Hawk 

Men want to be like Tony Hawk

It may be more common now, but when Tony Hawk came into fame and fortune, he was a pioneer for guys who could get rich AF doing a super fun sport. And so, millions of under-achievers motivated by nothing but having fun with a board of some kind viewed Hawk as a stoner fantasy. 


Men want to be like Drake

Want to be super rich, famous, and highly creative making music with almost every other rapper in the business? Then you want to be Drake. 

Steven Tyler 

Men want to be like Steven Tyler

Certainly, there are a lot of super cool rock stars to choose from in terms of wanting their life, and Steven Tyler, lead vocalist of Aerosmith is at the top of the list. This guy wears what he wants and says what he wants and has been a rock star for more than thirty years. 

Elon Musk 

Men want to be like Elon Musk

This guy may be the most interesting human living on the planet right now. Elon may be kinda strange and there may be a good case for him being an alien living amongst us, but his super dynamic life is filled with developing cool shit. So if making Tesla cars and being worth over 21 billion dollars isn’t enough to want to be him, then check out his company SpaceX

Howard Stern 

Men want to be like Howard Stern

If you’re a fan of Howard Stern’s radio show, then you’ve heard his deprecating description of his personal life. But we all know that’s bullshit. Men want to be like Howard because he has a beautiful wife and a hugely successful and creative career. It’s hard to admit that his best entertaining years are behind him, but in truth, Howard Stern is probably forty or fifty cat rescues shy of a perfect life. So, Baba Booey to you, Howard.



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