“How Attractive is Money to women?” The real truth

Most guys don’t have a lot of money. Because of this, guys cringe when they think about how attracted women may be to money. As men, we talk about this often because we see evidence of it everywhere. Guys also use women’s attraction to money as a reason or excuse for why a particular girl isn’t or wouldn’t be into them.

So how important is money really to women? It’s a tough question to accurately answer because we are not all in agreement here on it. I mean, most working-class men you talk to at a bar will agree that women love money and put it high on the attraction list, but when talking to women about it, it’s a different story. Then there are the good looking guys and the financially well-off guys and the socially inept guys who will not agree that women find money attractive. Depending on who you are in society, your opinion on this will vary.

I want to completely clear something up. In case you don’t think so, women, in fact, do find guys with money attractive. Period. Now before you outright disagree or think that I am closed minded, let me explain why.


First off, not all of any type of person is 100% of anything. There are always exceptions. Certainly, there are some women that don’t give a flying fuck about money or anything associated with it. Who I am talking about in this article is most women and not all. If you are married to, a boyfriend of, or truly know of a woman who doesn’t fall into the following categories of women’s attraction to money, then great. You know an exception that helps prove this rule.

Women are attracted to money for different reasons. Here are some of the more common ones.

1. Money = Security

If I had to choose what the #1 thing women find attractive, the answer would be easy and hell. Security is what a girl wants more than anything else from a man and nothing is even a close second. In the society we live in, money gives the most security across the board.

If we all lived out in the country and had to hunt for all of our food, the best hunters would be attractive. And if we had to defend our homes, the strongest and smartest defenders would be attractive. Based on the conditions of civilization, the guys with better capabilities to provide security would be more attractive to women.

It may not feel natural to see women attracted to some overweight, orange-skinned douchebag steering an Aston Martin with soft hands. It’s tough when she chooses him over you when you are a good looking, able-bodied, caring, provider steering a pick-up truck with calloused working man’s hands. Mr. Rich Putz won’t give a shit about her and would cut her loose in a second. You would give your own life for her, but she is attracted to him.

It may be ironic that women are attracted to the guy who really doesn’t give her as high a level of security in many ways just because he has money, but that’s our reality. A woman’s perception of what real security is may be way off, but that doesn’t matter, does it? It’s their opinion that counts. So even if you would give her more security in more ways because you are a solid man who always takes care of everything, she’s going to pick the soft-shitting putz with the trust fund who can barely hang a picture or put anyone in front of his own needs.

2. Money = success

The world is now full of socially inept, Mountain Dew drinking gamers who make a great living typing on computers with Cheeto dusted fingers. They are disgustingly in poor physical condition, have bad hygiene, and never see the sun. Most of these geeks wouldn’t live 24 hours past a global power outage but many women find them attractive. They are successful.

Our society will show success in different ways but money is by far the biggest form of recognition for accomplishments within the establishment. Women find success attractive and they should. It shows that natural selection is still alive and well with humans despite our disconnection with nature. Success though doesn’t mean one is physically able, emotionally stable, or able to survive well in our current civil situation. Regardless of the other negative factors of a man’s psyche or physical condition, if he is successful, women will be attracted to him. Even if his only redeeming factor from his success is money.

3. Money = responsibility

This is the more healthy reason women are attracted to money. Again, based on the world we live in, making, having, and managing money well is the best form of responsibility we can have. When we have or are good with money, we can use it to take care of and maintain the things in life we care about. And being responsible is attractive. Especially to women since many of them are less responsible and can continue to be so if they are with someone who is.

4. Money = provision

Women love being provided for and using money is the best way to give that across the board. Some women are good with a guy providing them with a decent safe place to live and do not need much more. Other women, like my buddy’s ex-girlfriend, are good with a guy providing a new designer handbag once a month. My friend used to tell me he would buy his girl a $3,000- $4,000 bag by Gucci or Louis Vuitton and she would be happy for about a day. Then she would go back to being a miserable bitch. Good stuff.

Again, if we all lived out and off the land, a guy would be a good provider if he could hunt and defend well which means the more physically able would be more attractive. In the civilization we live in, all a guy needs is money to be a good provider. He could have no physical or social ability to provide at all but as long as he has an Amazon account and enough money, he can provide her with anything and everything.

Many women have or want kids and a family. And as a good mother, they want to be able to provide well for their offspring. Having a man that can do that well is a major hardwire attraction for women and should be. A dude with money can give that to her.


Women have all different levels of attraction to money. Most of that has to do with the lifestyle that they want, grew up with, or are living now. It would be hard for me to judge a girl that isn’t attracted to me because her lifestyle cost a million dollars a year while I only make a hundred and fifty thousand. She is from or in a different culture than I am and I probably would not be attracted to her because she needs to spend too much to live. So we wouldn’t be a good match and that sounds entirely superficial, but I don’t think it is.

What makes the whole money thing as an attraction so annoying is that it feels unnatural. I mean, regardless of your beliefs, we exist on this planet under the laws of animal life. Those raw natural laws don’t have money listed. We are women and men who need to eat, sleep, have shelter, and reproduce. And the two genders need each other to do that so we are then attracted to each other to better accomplish those things.

As a man, shouldn’t I only need to be able to provide security, food, shelter, sex, and /or companionship to women in order to be attractive? I don’t need much money really for that. Many men have very little money but are hugely successful at accomplishing those basic things for a woman. Those guys have worked very hard making sure they are well rounded so they can provide regardless of any situation life may turn into.

Then you have the guys who are opposite of them. Weak shells of men who can’t do much at all in the real world but are hugely attractive to women because they have a bunch of money. They make no effort to be well-rounded providers and if anything happens in their lives that can’t be corrected with money, they are fucked. Yet women are still attracted to them.

Our advanced civilization has skewed the process of natural selection. Women’s attraction has moved from the able-bodied, strong, well-rounded man, to the guy only with enough trading credits. I may be old school and that could be why I am so annoyed by this. And I feel it is resulting in our offspring being weaker in every way as it makes the concept of survival of the fittest reduced to the ability to acquire credits well.


I was talking to a buddy of mine some years back about what women find attractive. He was a bit of a gym rat and had a nice body. We talked about the importance of having a nice fit looking body as an attraction to women. I said it might be better to stay at the office and work some overtime instead of going to the gym. We both laughed at that. We laughed because it was true.

If you are annoyed by the fact that women are attracted to money, then the only thing I can think of to make the situation better for you is to get more of it. It may be better than any other more worldly improvement that can make you more attractive.


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