Are We Alone in the Universe? One Man’s View

If you’ve been following UFOs as of late, it’s no longer considered a fringe subject or silly hobby for the geek science guy. As of December 18, 2017, everything changed in the field of ufology. The internet went crazy with The New York Times front page article – Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program – an article written by Helene Cooper, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal.

First, let me clarify a few things and give you a little background. The main source of the the Times article was a former high-level Pentagon employee named Luis Elizondo. He ran a covert operation called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) from 2007 to 2012. It was shut down in 2012 because of lack of funding and because there were so many other secret programs within the Pentagon, running similar programs – but not communicating with each other – that nobody knew what the other guys were doing and so this specific program closed up shop. Luis Elizondo’s program funding for AATIP came from former Senate majority leader Harry Reid (Nevada), as well as Robert Bigelow – the billionaire aerospace magnate and founder of Bigelow Aerospace, a company who builds inflatable space habitats for living in space, on the moon and Mars.

For UFO geeks who have always wanted to be taken seriously by the lame stream media, this was a huge deal. It was shocking to be more specific. It was “disclosure” with a small “d”. It meant that the secrets were finally coming out via inside whistle blowers who’ve had enough of government secrecy and lies. Now, NBC, CNN, Fox News and others were actually having conversations about actual UFOs without all the giggling and awkward banter that usually accompanied such reports. 

Being that the program even existed within the halls of the Pentagon was big, but the really huge implication was the fact that the program had collected data and evidence of encounters with unidentified flying objects. UFOs!

Look, many of us who follow ufology closely have always known in our hearts and minds that we are not alone. In fact, many countries around the world are totally open with their UFO files and keep their people in the loop. But not here in the good old US of A. Nope, all information here has been suppressed and held deeply in secret for probably 75 years or longer. Why? Because our government wants to find out how to capture UFOs, back engineer them for militarization, and then go out into space and pick fights and conquer worlds. You can thank the dumb-shit, war monger, old school thinkers in the Pentagon for that strategy. However, not all high-level government officials want to go down that path. There are several factions who want the UFO, disclosure information out there for everyone. They want the technology to benefit humanity and feel it’s the right of every citizen of Earth to know where they really stand in the big picture of the cosmos.

But the secrets are vast and it get even darker. There’s a good probability that the government’s secrets and lies are so profound, it’s more like a Star Wars movie than reality. The rumors of Secret Space Programs (SSPs) and Break Away Civilizations (BACs) – groups living off-planet using advanced and exotic technologies financed by American taxpayer’s stolen money – are subjects easily found in a general search of the internet. Are they science fiction or fact? Who knows.  

As a part of all the dark secrets, whistleblowers coming forward and the talk of impending Disclosure with a capital “D” coming soon, there is a bit of public relations juggernaut trying to rebrand the ufology genre. UFOs are now being labeled UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). Why? Well, simply put, because the term UFO carries a lot of baggage with it from “flying saucers” to “alien abductions” to “cattle mutilations” and on and on. It’s as if they’re trying to clean up everything for this nice little sanitized rollout for when they announce globally, we are not alone in the universe. Typical of old-school Pentagon marketers. They see themselves as so smart and think they know what’s best for the masses.

Let’s face it though, if in fact disclosure is just around the corner, and we the human race are about to find out that we really are not alone, but a member of a vast group of trading civilizations within just our little arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, then we have to rethink just about every aspect of what we’ve been taught. I mean think about it, politics, religion, economics, energy and transportation, to name only a few, would vastly change overnight.

Here are 11 theories for consideration that tie directly into the “Are We Alone in the Universe” hypothesis. Some of these are not referenced in the intro above, but can be easily researched via the internet.

Number 1: Break Away Civilizations

The concept of a human “breakaway civilization” with access to exotic technologies, used in an aggressive manner against a non-defensive, less developed species, because of our constant need to militarize and pick a fight, is an interesting theory.

What we commonly refer to as karma, is a universe-wide characteristic. A breakaway civilization might get their egotistical nose bloodied and more, if they engage with the wrong species. Especially if that species has mentor civilizations watching over them.

I see the human/alien calculus unfolding in one of two scenarios (once disclosure happens).

1. Either we come to a global peace agreement between all nations because we find out that there are multiple civilizations in our local arm of the Milky Way peninsula, but in order to be part of that galactic group and all it’s wondrous benefits, we must cease and desist our aggressive war methodologies immediately.

I’m suggesting it would be too attractive or tempting an offer for humans not to make the peace effort and take a giant step forward in our evolution as a species.

If say, one or two nations balk at the prospect of giving up their arms, they would be pressured by the rest of the world or convinced by a “Council Of Worlds”, that their contumacious dogma is futile. In the end, humanity would bow graciously and accept the offer.

2. The alternate scenario is that through this breakaway civilization and its use of exotic technologies for military confrontations, they get cocky, and pick a fight with the wrong species, getting our proverbial butts kicked to the point of extinction. Only by crying “uncle” and agreeing to lay down all our military wares forever, will we find ourselves joining our galactic neighbors, albeit kicking and screaming and having to submit to doing it “their” way, peacefully.

Number 2: Corrupt Government & Military Power in Space.

It’s just a matter of time before the high and mighty corrupt government and military rulers, who control the peoples of the world, will be thrown from their thrones, while the lowly are raised up in celebration.

No matter the social engineering strategy, no matter the highly educated pontificating about multi-lateral approaches to a safe and cooperative transition to space by all the talking heads, it really distills down to the very simplistic idiom: Live by the sword, die by the sword. After thousands of years of kleptocracys, suppression and control, the pendulum will swing back in favor of the people very soon. Peace will reign supreme.

Number 3: Why To The Stars Academy Will Never Engage David Wilcock.

To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science has mobilized a team of the most experienced, connected and passionately curious minds from the US intelligence community, including the CIA and Department of Defense, that have been operating under the shadows of top-secrecy for decades. The team members all share a common thread of frustration and determination to disrupt the status quo, wanting to use their expertise and credibility to bring transformative science and engineering out of the shadows and collaborate with global citizens to apply that knowledge in a way that benefits humanity.

With all that industry fire power on stage, why didn’t TTSA hire a professional PR firm to spin the rollout flawlessly? By not doing that they made a fool of themselves. The mylar balloon image that TTSA featured during rollout, which was pegged as a UFO / UAP, was clearly a mistake. They’ve admitted as much, if one takes the time to do the research instead of trolling and criticizing them repeatedly. It’s a typical and fairly common mistake many new startups go through when launching a new company. They fumbled. Badly.

TTSA has since realized their glaring error and have taken numerous steps to ensure the next round of videos and stills are thoroughly vetted and substantiated through chain of custody before release. In the end, I believe TTSA will show irrefutable evidence of alien tech that will blow everyone’s socks off.

So how does TTSA relate to David Wilcock? It doesn’t. It appears that David Wilcock is a bit jealous or maybe envious is a better word. While David has been out spinning yarns about blue avians and being chosen to be an ambassador to the galactic federation, as well as believing he is the reincarnation of Edgar Casey, TTSA has been assembling a credible team of highly educated Ph.D level scientists with impeccable 30+ year industry credentials (Tom DeLonge not included here but hey, he can strum a helluva guitar).

I have not seen any substantiation (i.e. photos, video, or eye witness testimony with the weight and credibility of the two F18 Super Hornet pilots and their radar crew) for any of the blue avian / Corey Goode storyline they stand behind. Where’s the team of academics and industry leaders behind Corey Goode or David Wilcock?

I predict TTSA will never reach out to David Wilcock. Why?

1. He’s not credible.

2. He’s a minor league player.

3. His intellect is not in league with a majority of the TTSA founding members.

However, in the end, we must all come to our own individual conclusions.

Number 4: UFO Technology in the Hands of Private Industry vs. the Governments.

UFO technology in U.S. government hands means secrets, lies, collusion and coverup. The citizens of the world will never see it.

Technology in private industry hands means protected “intellectual property”, which means the citizens of the world will never see it.

However, I believe To The Stars Academy and or Bigelow Aerospace may be the only “alternate” avenues for disclosure of exotic UFO materials and technology.

There’s a huge brain trust at TTSA. I’m willing to bet they’re in it not only for the money, but for the “hero of disclosure” status.

I’m willing to throw some Vegas money at the fact the TTSA team have all had long and storied careers in government and corporate bureaucratic red tape organizations and are smarter than their old employers. Through TTSA, they are now able to move quicker with less strings attached than their old behemoth alma maters.

I believe TTSA, in conjunction with Bigelow Aerospace, do want to disclose, and they will, or force some government around the world to do so first, such as the Russians or the Chinese. The pressure to disclose is enormous. 

TTSA and Bigelow Aerospace want to control the playing field with regard to disclosure and the technology that accompanies it. Where currently, the governments of the world control all the playing fields, all the stadiums and all the players and doesn’t want to disclose anything ever, but keep it in the hands of a few privileged individuals.

Number 5: Conquering the Moon, Mars and Beyond.

I often wonder, what will happen when we do go out into space and start exploring other planets. We as humans are pretty arrogant to think we can just go off to, say, the Moon or Mars for instance, and start colonizing it. What if when we arrive, there is a native species already living there? What if they don’t take too kindly to the idea of us moving in on their territory? I mean, if we put the shoe on the other foot for a minute, think about how humanity as a whole would feel if an alien species showed up on Earth’s doorstep to start colonizing? It’s the same thing the we did to the American Indians. Showed up on their shores, started colonizing (without asking for permission I might ad), and then took over their world. Not cool. Not neighborly in the least and pretty arrogant.

Number 6: Dr. Steven Greer’s False Flag Scenario.

Let’s think about the False Flag hypothesis of Dr. Steven Greer for a minute. In brief, this scenario assumes the U.S. government would try to create a global fake war whereby aliens would attack Earth and the government would step in to save the day. But of course, in order to do that, they’d need complete and total buy-in of the American people to finance another “war” and we’d have to give up even more freedoms than we already have. He posits that we are always in a cycle of war (I agree here) first, there was the cold war – Korean, Vietnam and communism – then the war on terrorism, Afghanistan, Iraq and weapons of mass destruction – and now the alien attack, war from outer space, which even President Reagan spoke of at the United Nations.

First, for this to scenario to work and the government be able to pull off without a hitch, we’d have to be at a level of exotic technological sophistication that would include androids, humanoid-drones and global atmospheric holographic capabilities. I don’t believe we are there yet. Unless of course you buy into the Corey Goode – David Wilcock fantasy storyline or perhaps Richard Dolan is correct about a break away military civilization that is far and away more advanced than anything we have here on Earth.

Second, as I see it, they’d have to attack at least ten major metropolitan areas around the globe in a massive coordinated military undertaking, and from space no less. On top of that, the sheer infrastructure and android numbers required to occupy those areas, or to quash the resistance and retain the upper hand, would be enormous and unsustainable, in my humble opinion. But, I’m just a simple man and not a military strategist either.

Third, the risk of the invasion going sideways and being uncovered is too high. If the alt news, sci-fi reading, science junkies and amateur astronomers are already aware of this scenario being bandied about, what are the chances of it succeeding? Many would already be expecting it, no? In the end, very few would fall for it and those who did would quickly be brought up to speed about the invasion being a complete government black-op charade. Maybe this is part of their strategy too.

I would think a real invasion, by an advanced alien civilization would be more believable for obvious reasons. Then, the estimated 3 to 5 billion people wiped out, the culling down the populace operation, per Dr. Greer’s estimates with the false flag scenario, would be less of a stretch. However, even with that scenario, I would wager has low decimal point percentages of ever happening.

As I see it, the Earth is a beautiful blue precious biosphere of a marble floating out in space. Other than humanity, no one is going to want to ruin such precious resources with the residue war and destruction. It would be much easier for an advanced civilization that is thousands of years ahead of us in technology and mind strength to conquer or minds, bodies and hearts and then easily obtain all the Earth’s resources with no destruction at all. They’d have the infrastructure in place and all the free labor (humanity) at their disposal.

Number 7: Psychotronic Influence and Human Mind Manipulation

The author Marshall Vian Summers, in his books The Allies of Humanities, I, II & III, speaks of highly advanced civilizations having superior capabilities of the mind and how they can be used to influence high level people in government and private industry to further an agenda we can’t begin to understand at our current level of evolution.

Some of these alien civilizations are so far advanced, hundreds of thousands of years, that they are experts in the environment of the mind. Areas of study humanity are barely neophytes in.

This is not a scare tactic. It’s a real world scenario that must be considered and we must be aware of, just as we must be open to many other legitimate theories about our galactic neighbors. Because I suspect in reality, nobody knows their true agenda.

That is to say, we see everything through the lens of human concepts using human intuition and human thought processes. But “they” are alien. They live by, and have evolved with, concepts and anthropologies we don’t understand.

Hopefully, the visitors are all about peace and love. But just because a species is advanced doesn’t necessarily mean they are civilized or understand the concepts of love or music or the arts or anything we hold dear.

We simply can’t as a species put our heads in the sand and think that all these civilizations visiting us are benevolent, are here to save us or have humanity’s best interests in mind. Resources might be the most valuable commodity in the universe, not data.

I surmise that the U.S. Government, the Russians, the Chinese, the Vatican and others knows this. It’s one of the reasons Luis Elizondo is visiting the halls of Congress to seek funding for more UFO research. It’s the reason military groups are seeking additional funding. And, I suspect, it’s the reason why we and others are shooting some of these UFO / UAP crafts down.

As I’ve said many times before, the earth is a microcosm of the universe with regard to the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Number 8: The Spiritual Hypothesis.

There are so many beliefs out there when it comes to UFOs, UAPs and aliens. Are they good or evil, malevolent or benevolent? What is their agenda? When will we ever meet them? But there is another belief that only a small percentage subscribe to and no one seems to discuss too openly, probably because it evokes strong opinions from blissful blind faith and love, to nails on a chalkboard.

It’s called the Spiritual Hypothesis.

This hypothesis is one where all of these phenomenons UFOs, aliens, orbs, light beings, out of body experiences (OBEs), near death experiences (NDEs), shamanism journeys and others, are all part of God’s realm. A dominion so vast that we as puny little humans are not yet at a point to be able to comprehend what the bigger picture might be, or will ever be able to understand it.

However, this theory includes wars in the heavens, on the Earth and under the Earth between the Devil and his minions pitted against the legions of Angelic beings led by Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Azrael and Metatron.

People poo poo this hypothesis because it couldn’t possibly be true. Are you crazy? There’s no God!!! And yet, masses of people jump on-board zanier hypothesis rather easily, no matter how outlandish they might appear on the surface, including blue avians, secret space programs, matrix ideations and slave colonies on Mars.

I’m not saying this hypothesis is true, or that this is what I necessarily believe, I merely point out the fact that another storyline exists and yet it’s never discussed in the ufology arena. Could it be that’s because the Devil himself spreads the the deceit of this storyline being too preposterous to take seriously?

Let’s assume this hypothesis exists for the sake of argument, but the only way to find out if it’s true is by entering the portal of afterlife, by dying. So really, we’ll never know. This is a mystery as great as the ongoing government UFO coverup.

Number 9: Success or Failure – To The Stars Academy.

This is my dissertation of why I believe TTSA will eventually become a global phenomenon on the scale of Apple Computers in the face of what many naysayers and trolls believe, that TTSA is nothing but a government black op.

TTSA is a PBC, Public Benefit Corporation. In other words, it’s a high-risk venture startup. Not unlike many others. Some float, some sink. I believe TTSA will stay afloat and in the long run, become hugely successful.

People wrote off Harley-Davison in the late 60s early 70s, when their shares were pennies on the dollar. After all, who needed another motorcycle company when we had Indian, Norton, Husqvarna, Triumph and the much better engineered Japanese invasion – Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda? Let ‘em die they yelled. But Harley-Davison did not die! There’s a very similar narrative for Apple computers in the early 80s. But lets go back even further, shall we?

In 1610 Galileo was ridiculed for his promotion of Nicolaus Copernicus’s theory of Heliocentrism, but he stuck with it because he discovered it to be true, and whole-heartedly believed in it.

In the early years after its publication in the early 20th century Einstein’s theory of relativity was poo poo’d and ridiculed. But he stuck with it because he discovered it to be true, and whole-heartedly believed in it.

In 1914 henry ford was excoriated as a mad socialist when he announced that he would henceforth pay eligible workers a minimum wage of $5 a day (compared to an average of $2.34 for the industry) and would reduce the work day from nine hours to eight, thereby converting the factory to a three-shift day. Overnight Ford became a worldwide celebrity because he stuck with it, discovered it to be true, and he whole-heartedly believed in it.

I could go on….. Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc.

My point is, Tom DeLonge (founder of TTSA – former lead singer and guitar player of Blink 182) is no dupe. He’s done more to further the case for disclosure, in a shorter amount of time, than anyone, period. He’s brought the military, politicians, captains of industry, and the scientific community together, and that’s not an easy task.

In a world of instant gratification, nobody has patience anymore for long-term, strategic planning. “I want it all right now” seems to be the mantra.

TTSA has a brain trust deeper than most major universities, and truth be told, history is on the side of pesky innovators like TTSA.

Bob Bigelow isn’t the only deep pocketed billionaire willing to invest in TTSA. It’s not always about the money to guys/gals like him. It’s finding out what’s behind the galactic curtain and satisfying the child-like curiosity in all of us, no matter the cost.

Hopefully, I’ll be counting my profits when the rest of the naysayers and trolls will be wishing they had invested at $5 a share. Look back at what Apple’s stock was when they first launched.

Observation: Caterpillars don’t turn into butterflies over night.

Suggestion: Sit back, relax, BREATHE, and watch it all unfold.

Number 10: Alien vs. Human Emotions.

I’ve always maintained, that we make huge assumptions when we put human emotions and human thought processes into play when we discuss aliens. We always think they are here to do this or that. But how do we really know?

We really have no clue how they think, or what their agenda is. Their anthropologies, philosophies, psychologies, and perhaps even theologies are both ancient and foreign to us. Each one a unique civilization with its own belief system.

Many here on Earth think that love is the answer to everything, but if we’re dealing with a species who has no concept of love, (a uniquely human emotion perhaps) what then?

It’s possible aliens are like Vulcans from Star Trek, with no love, just pure logic? They go about their mission, whatever that is, with a computer-like efficiency, caring only about the human equation as one small part of a larger biospheric operation for them. 

Perhaps we are like ants to them and they don’t even consider our way of life. Is it possible they don’t care about art, sports, literature or music? We can’t assume anything until the day we make contact and truly get to know our galactic neighbors.

Number 11: The Alien Treaty

Assuming President Eisenhower entered into a treaty with the gray aliens in the 1950s as has been written about in countless articles over the years by some very prominent authors and historians, I wonder when karma will come back to bite those in power who’ve benefited the most from that treaty. With all the secret technology our government allegedly received in return for live human bodies (alien abductions), I wonder when the equalization protocol of the universe will ensue? Karma is a bitch.

That is to say, I remember a classic Star Trek once, which, as the story folds, that because one side of a warring faction was given a certain level of tech / armament, by some intervening aliens, the rebels on the other side had to be provided the same level of tech / armament in order for there to be a level playing field. Do you recall that episode? Perhaps it was a Next Generation episode, not sure. My point is, that another species of aliens far more advanced than the grays we made the treaty with may step in to level the playing field for the masses, and in doing so, blow the lid off everything. This, because the governments of the world have kept the peoples of the world in chains so that only a few elite could enjoy the profits and technology provided them through that treaty and through the sacrifice of countless humans.

Fun to speculate, but again, all of this is in the human thought process and within only human anthropological awareness. We don’t know how “the others” minds or civilizations are organized or how they would see the human equation being interfered with.

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