The Sexiest Male Body Part to Build

It doesn’t matter whether you are a sexual person or not. Everyone wants to have a little sex appeal and at least be desired, Even if you have given up long ago. Suppose you are 10 years pregnant with a barbecue spare rib baby, only wear Reel Life fishing t-shirts, and haven’t bought a new pair of jeans in three years. With that, if your arms look kinda strong, you’re gonna wear your shirt a little tighter than you should. Or if you’re a redneck, you might even cut the sleeves off of that bad boy to expose your guns. I mean, they are more like water pistols but guns just the same and they make you look sexy so you show them off.

Some of us never admit it, but we all do it. Real men do it too. We all are aware of what might make us attractive and we will accentuate whatever that is at certain times. For some guys, it’s their arms. For others, it’s their eyes or their smile. Some know that their height is attractive to women and even others know they are quick-witted or cool. Regardless of which attractive aspects a guy has, even the most seemingly “don’t give a fuck” dude knows about his. It’s just human nature.


It can be extremely difficult to determine what any one particular woman finds attractive. You could read books on the subject, have hundreds of partners over decades, and grew up with five sisters and the next girl you come across will stump you up on what she likes. It’s just the way it is. Women are the chaos gender. They are tasked by nature to make sure our natural selection process is entirely diverse and unpredictable.

There are some things that most women find attractive and even though no man can ever master all women’s attraction, it is good to know the basics.

The female hardwire

This article is about what physical body parts women find attractive, but it’s good to start with their core attraction. The core attraction is based on two animalistic fundamental needs that women have for men. They are security and breeding stock. These are the two trunks of attraction and all the particulars branch out or stem from them. Core qualities like confidence and strong physical abilities extend out from the trunk and connect more specific attractions like intelligence, healthiness, or height.

The core needs women have for men convert to attraction and some of it trickles all the way down to specific male body parts. Any part of the male body that shows her his ability to protect and provide for her and her offspring can be attractive. In the purely physical caveman world of early man, this was a pretty straightforward concept as the stronger and smarter man provided most of the core female needs.

In today’s civilization, the physically stronger and more agile man isn’t necessarily the best provider. In truth, a hundred and twenty pound man from Silicon Valley who thinks he’s allergic to the sun and lives on a diet of Cheetos and Mountain Dew can have a greater ability to provide the core needs of women than an Adonis construction worker with solid morals and a great smile. And don’t forget the putz with almost no redeeming physical or mental abilities or accomplishments at all, but is endowed with a very sexy trust fund.

Why is this? Because money can provide the core female need for security. Life surely isn’t fair, is it?

There is some good news for us who don’t have a trust fund or an ability to make a fortune mastering binary codes. And that is, despite our civilization not being success driven by physical strength anymore, women are still hardwired to be attracted to it. That means there is hope for guys with muscles, a tan, and a good hairline. Women desire their offspring to be able to survive well and the hardwire still is that they consider strong physical abilities as important. So then, at least for now, some of the physicality’s of men are still attractive to women.

For the most part, we are born with the things that make us physically attractive. Things like blue eyes, tall height, and good teeth cannot be improved on much, but other things can. The musculature of our bodies can be toned and improved to make us more attractive.

7 body parts from least to most that women may find attractive that you can improve.

7. Quads – It’s a smaller number but there is a definitely a portion of the female population that finds strong, tree trunk quads sexy. The upper legs are heavy and show strong base strength and a better center of gravity.

6. Gluteus Maximus – The butt is the largest muscle in the body but you don’t have to build it big for women to consider it sexy. It just has to be shapely and tight. As we get older, our butts can get saggy and soft. Keeping your ass high and firm with some leg weight training like squats will make it look and feel good. That and the right pair of jeans.

5. Back – It may not be possible to accentuate a nice strong back with fashion. But a well toned muscular back will be noticed by some women. I remember a girlfriend telling me about her boyfriend before me and I knew the guy. Early on, she told me how much she liked my back. “Jason (yea, that’s not his real name) didn’t have a very strong back,” she told me. “You have a good back. I guess I didn’t realize until now that I like a strong back” she said. It was a compliment that I never forgot.

It’s kinda hard to be a physical guy with a decently strong body and not have a strong back. It’s one of those “tells” that show how active and physically able a guy really is. The back responds well to weight training so if you don’t have a physical job, hit the weight room.

4. Chest – No male body part represents strength and security more than a well shaped and muscular chest. A strong or barreled chest suggests power, protection, and assertiveness for women. Some guys are lucky to naturally have big shapely pectoral muscles. The good news for the rest of us is that this muscle group usually responds well to weight training. And having a pumped-up chest makes everything else look better.

3. Posture – Ok so this may be a bit of a hack as posture isn’t a body part. Good posture is extremely sexy to women though and it can be greatly improved, so that’s why it’s number two on this list.

There is nothing better for a guy to do to improve his physical attractiveness than by improving his posture. Good posture makes your chest look bigger, your waist look smaller, your shoulders look broader, your back look better, you look taller, and most importantly, makes you look more confident.

Posture is a total body hack because a guy doesn’t have to have a great or strong body. But if he has excellent posture, he can appear to be in great shape and be able-bodied. And the best part about posture is that it is maybe the easiest thing to improve on. You just get in the habit of throwing your shoulders back and boom, you look sexier and more confident. Nice!

2. Biceps – Biceps being an attractive male body part for women always ranks high on almost any list or survey you’ll find and I don’t fully understand why. Biceps usually are the showpiece for arm musculature so that may have something to do with it. Regardless, for most guys, there bicep’s size and strength can be increased well with some weight training.

1 Stomach – Ah yea. The hardest and rarest of all things on a man’s physique. An awesome mid-section. A washboard, flat stomach is by far the hardest thing on the body to achieve for most men. But it’s also the most rewarding as it’s clearly the overall most attractive body part a guy can have.

A rock hard and defined flat stomach takes more than some heavy weights and a bunch of grunts. It takes a badass diet and maybe lots of cardio. There are a few freaks of nature out there who have a great mid-section without doing much, but for the vast majority of us, having a flat, hard stomach represents a dedicated daily lifestyle of good health.

For women, this can also represent self-discipline, stability, dedication, and strength in character. The mid-section separates the men from the boys when it comes to great physiques.

We all have pluses and minuses. Some guys are just lucky with what they were born with and as a result, they don’t have to work much at being attractive or sexy to women. Almost all of us can improve our attractiveness though, which is great. So if you are reading this because you want to be more attractive or maybe feel that you got some short end of the genetic stick, then try to make yourself better by lifting weights and doing some yoga.

And if creating a better and more attractive body isn’t worth it or in the cards for you, then learn how to code and start making a lot of money. Success is super sexy to women. Even the geek kind.


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