What men think about when they have sex

It would be impossible to tell how many different things men can think about while knocking boots. The factors that mold our sexuality are so vast. It boggles my mind when considering it. Your sexuality could be shaped by anything your mother did, anything your father said, how your siblings treated you, when you first saw something sexual, how you masturbate, or maybe if you grew up on a farm. A human can make sexual associations with just about anything like any smell, any noises, any place, any color, any shape, any of the emotions you experience, what society says, any stories you hear, any movies you watch or books you read, or any pictures we see. In simple terms, our sexuality can be shaped by almost anything that we experience almost any day of our lives.


A married friend of mine used to date this Japanese American girl while he was in college. He described her as petite and absolutely stunning with silky waist long black hair, perfect tan colored skin, and a great athletic body. Anyway, right after they would finish having sex, she would get up and get a warm washcloth, so she could clean him up with it. Then she had these chocolates that she would feed to him while he laid there enjoying the afterglow of sex. He said that it was incredible. They dated for a while and she never stopped doing her after sex feeding ritual. After dating a couple of weeks, my friend got to the point that during sex with this Asian goddess, all he could think about was the chocolate.


Ok, so what makes us sexually tick is as unique as fingerprints. But what do all men think of while hiding the salami? In pondering and researching it, I can only verify one thing that we all think about. And that is the status of our orgasm.

It doesn’t matter if you have troubles with ejaculating too fast, ejaculating too late, or have perfect control the whole time and can come whenever you want. We are all thinking about it. Our hard drive is running at least one background program on load release management.

Even in extreme circumstances when you know you’re not going to come at all, you are thinking about it. Maybe you popped a Cialis and already had three orgasms that day, so you know there probably won’t be a fourth. Or the night you had Jameson til’ that fat chick looked good enough for you to bump uglies with her but her uglies were a little too ugly for you to bring forth the meat sauce. You were still thinking about it.

The male orgasm must always be in our thoughts while scoring as it is part of our management system for maintaining an erection. I’m not just talking about keeping an erection before your release. We all know that the shagging party will be at best postponed if not be completely over, so regardless of your ability to recover, there’s a transition period to negotiate.


This sounds like corporate language but almost everything a guy thinks about is linked to the money shot. Everything from orgasm deferring baseball scores to that weird bathroom blowjob fantasy with the rude chunky Starbucks chic that you’ve never even talked to, that is your surefire go-to thought which always puts you over the top. Even the things that aren’t linked to the orgasm have to be managed in our minds based on the orgasm. If the mind wanders too far from sex for too long, the whole arousal process breaks down and the ability to keep an erection or to finish will go away. Sexually experienced men are aware of this and will keep their thoughts on sex regardless of how bored they actually are.

Years ago, I was with my girlfriend in a hotel room and we were having sex during an NBA finals game. When she noticed that I was sneaking a peek at the tv, she maneuvered our position so that I could get a clear view of the game. Great girlfriend huh? I had a great battle in my mind between the sex and the game. Michael Jordon was awesome, but the sex won out.


Most men don’t tune in to what their minds are going through during sex. We all have issues of some kind at sometimes with either coming too fast, taking too long, or maintaining our erections. Learning what your mind is thinking and maybe why you are thinking it could help. It could also help in identifying who you really are and what you really want sexually.

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