24 Famous Most Manly Dogs

Dogs are present everywhere in our culture. Here are twenty-four manly dogs that are famous, going from least to most.

Old Yeller

So this is a really old (1957) movie and can be a bit hokey as it was made by Disney. But the dog is cool and fights off a bear and some other things which makes him a manly dog.

Hubert from Best in Show

If you are a dog lover, the movie Best in Show is a must-see. It’s a story about a dog show and features five dogs, but “Hubert” the bloodhound is by far the manliest of the rest. Bloodhounds are manly anyway. They can track humans.

Road Warrior “dog” in Mad Max

Simply named “dog”, this sidekick of Mad Max somehow survived the end of days. Most of us wouldn’t.

Spuds MacKenzie

This dog didn’t really do anything but he was a mascot for a beer and he was a bull terrier. These two things qualify him as a manly dog.

Dog in The Outlaw Josey Wales

So this dog has no impact on the movie at all except that he gets spit on by Josey Wales. He does growl when Wales first spits on him and that’s pretty damn dog macho.

Butkus from Rocky

It helps that Butkus is the manly dog breed of bullmastiff. It may not have mattered though, as he would run with Rocky Balboa when he trained for his big fight with Apollo Creed. And that alone qualifies Butkus for this list.


Confidence is manly and there are few characters more confident than Snoopy. Plus he’s an aerial combat ace among many other things, at least in his own mind.

Jerry Lee (K-9)

The movie “K-9” is not a great movie. It’s not even a good movie, but it’s kind of about a dog named Jerry Lee, a trained police dog who is a very masculine German Shepherd. If you like German Shepherds, you may tolerate this movie. Otherwise, skip it and get those fillings done you’ve been putting off. That’ll be more fun than watching “K-9”.

Bear in Crimson Tide

Crimson Tide is a pretty good submarine movie. The captain’s dog is a Jack Russell terrier and he has a bit of an attitude. “Bear” doesn’t impact the movie plot, but the dog does give his master the approval of the new second in command, which is manly.

Sam from Hondo

Sam was the name of an ill-tempered dog of John Wayne’s character Hondo Lane. Just being one of John Wayne’s dogs makes him qualified to be on this silly list.


The name “Cujo” is often used to describe an extremely dangerous and unreasonable dog. In the movie “Cujo”, the dog is a chill St. Bernard until he gets bit by a rabid bat which eventually changes his demeanor. Cujo had to make this list because he was feared by all.

Hercules from Sandlot

Known as “the beast”, Hercules is an English Mastiff junkyard dog that is feared by kids playing baseball. “Sandlot” is a good movie and “the beast” is most definitely a manly dog.

Sam in I Am Legend

This is the second dog on this list who manages to survive the end of civilization. Sam is the only companion of the main character and hunts deer and is very smart. Being a German Sheperd does help her in making this list.

Bear from Person of Interest

If you are a fan of this show, then you already know. This dog is a manly former military canine who sometimes can make a portion of an episode’s plot. And if you don’t know what a Belgian Malinois looks like, then check this show out for the dog. He is a masculine beauty.

Beast in The Hills Have Eyes

I’m not a big fan of horror movies but there is a manly dog in this one and “Beast”, who is a German Shepherd, kills a couple of mutants and helps save the good, non-mutant people.

Dog from Big Jake

As I said before, any dog of any John Wayne character will make this list. In “Big Jake”, Dog is manly as he helps to save the day by attacking one of the bad guys. He doesn’t make it though as he gets chopped up with a machete. They don’t kill dogs in movies anymore.

Apollo and Zeus from Magnum P.I.

Any one Doberman Pinscher can be intimidating with their intellect and potentially vicious demeanor. But if you put two together, you have an army of manly protection. Apollo and Zeus are a perfect depiction of this as they protected the compound of the rich guy’s estate that Magnum lived at for free. And Luckily, the new Magnum P.I. show has two dobermans in it too.

Nanook in The Lost Boys

Like vampire movies? Lost Boys was a pretty good movie for its time. The dog that was in it was cool and part of the plot in two small ways. Nanook was an Alaskan Malamute who maybe had a sixth sense for vampires which makes him a manly dog.

Frank the Pug from Men in Black

Fans of “Men in Black” remember Frank well as a talking dog with a raspy voice and a big city attitude. I guess it’s kinda manly to be an alien.

Hooch from Turner and Hooch

Despite Tom Hanks being a really good, blockbuster actor, “Turner and Hooch” is not the best movie you’ll ever see. The dog(Hooch) is a really cool and manly looking French Mastiff. He seems to be able to decipher human conditions and helps Turner with solving some weak criminal plot. This is a shitty eighties dog movie, but the dog is manly.

Rin Tin Tin

You probably have to at least be in your sixties to remember Rin Tin Tin. The original Rin-Tin-Tin was a German Shepherd that was rescued by an American soldier during WW1. The dog later became a silent film star and then his offspring continued his fame by doing movies into the 1950s. This was the beginning of the German Shepherd’s popularity as a manly dog breed.

Sgt. Stubby

If you haven’t seen this movie and you like dogs, I recommend it. The movie is what I call a cartoon but others have a fancier name for it. Regardless of it being an animation, Sgt. Stubby is about the real-life of a world war one military dog and he is goddamn manly. Check it out.

Brandy of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This new addition to the list may be the manliest dog of all time in the movies. Leave it to Quentin Tarantino to match up a super masculine character with a super manly dog.

Brian of Family Guy

I know this isn’t a real dog but out of all the alter egos this show has of Seth McFarland, “Brian”, the Griffin family dog is most likely his manliest. His struggles throughout the series demonstrates the quintessential plight of the male gender.

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